Virtual Participation

Virtual participation in EGSR 2022 is possible on two levels.

Level 1: Live Stream

The entire conference will be streamed via Twitch, but this will only be a stream, with no interaction possibilities, and with the slight delay typical for Twitch. We will also not monitor the chat of the stream, so you cannot ask questions there, or interact with the conference in any way. On the plus side, this option is totally anonymous, free, and requires no registration.

Level 2: Remote Interaction via MS Teams

If you want to remotely interact with the conference, you can register here with your full name, institution and mail address. You will then receive an invite to the Discord server of the conference, and later also instructions how to join the conference sessions on Microsoft Teams. You will see the same video stream that is also put on Twitch, but can ask questions after the presentation is over. Thanks to the generous donations provided by our sponsors, this option is also free of charge!

During the conference, we will only be using this remote interaction via Microsoft Teams. Due to the technical constraints posed by the conference venue, we cannot offer any other form of remote participation.