The special issue of Computer Graphics Forum (CGF) and papers from the symposium track are availbale in the EG Digital Library.

Monday (July 4th 2022)

Registration opens (8 am)

Collect your badge at the registration desk in the conference venue. If possible, plan for an arrival till 8:30.

Opening statement (9 am to 9:20 am)

Lighting (9:30 am to 10:15 am)

Spectral Upsampling Approaches for RGB Illumination
Giuseppe Claudio Guarnera, Yuliya Gitlina, Valentin Deschaintre, Abhijeet Ghosh

SkyGAN: Towards realistic cloud imagery for image based lighting
Martin Mirbauer, Tobias Rittig, Tomáš Iser, Jaroslav Křivánek, Elena Sikudova

Break 15 min

Global Illumination (10:30 am to noon)

Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination Resampling (CGF paper presentation)
Zander Majercik, Thomas Müller, Alexander Keller, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Morgan McGuire

Path Guiding with Vertex Triplet Distributions
Vincent Schüßler, Johannes Hanika, Alisa Jung, Carsten Dachsbacher

Once-more scattered next event estimation for volume rendering
Johannes Hanika, Andrea Weidlich, Marc Droske

Temporally sliced photon primitives for time-of-flight rendering
Yang Liu, Shaojie Jiao, Wojciech Jarosz

Lunch break 90 min

Sampling (1:30 pm to 3 pm)

Planetary Shadow-Aware Distance Sampling
Carl Breyer, Tobias Zirr

Single-pass stratified importance resampling
Ege Ciklabakkal, Adrien Gruson, Iliyan Georgiev, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Toshiya Hachisuka

A bidirectional formulation for Walk on Spheres
Yang Qi, Dario Seyb, Benedikt Bitterli, Wojciech Jarosz

Gaussian Process for Radiance Functions on the S2 Sphere (CGF paper presentation)
R. Marques, C. Bouville, K. Bouatouch

Break 30 min

Volume Rendering (3:30 pm to 4:30 pm)

Automatic Feature Selection for Denoising Volumetric Renderings
Xianyao Zhang, Melvin Ott, Marco Manzi, Markus Gross, Marios Papas

Stenciled Volumetric Ambient Occlusion
Felix Brüll, René Kern, Thorsten Grosch

Fast Neural Representations for Direct Volume Rendering (CGF paper presentation)
Sebastian Weiss, Philipp Hermüller, Rüdiger Westermann

Break 30 min

Keynote by Katie Bouman (5 pm to 6 pm)

Break to change venue

Get together with wine and cheese (7pm)

Food will be served.

Location: Ceremonial hall in the building of the Computer Science section at Malostranské náměstí 25. First floor.
If you arrive by tram and you look across the square towards the big dome, then the entrance is on the bottom right (northeast corner of the building).

Take tram 15 from Náměstí Republiky tram station to Malostranské náměstí (see map). The tram leaves :01, :11, :21, :31, :41, :51 or check the live departures for 15 (on platform B).
Or take a beautiful 30 minute walk across Charles Bridge: Walk west-wards towards the castle and you can't miss it.

Tuesday (July 5th 2022)

Industry track (9 am to 10 am)

Multi-Fragment Rendering for Glossy Bounces on the GPU
Atsushi Yoshimura, Yusuke Tokuyoshi, Takahiro Harada

Generalized Decoupled and Object Space Shading System
Dan Baker, Mark Jarzynski

GAN-based Defect Image Generation for Imbalanced Defect Classification of OLED panels
Yongmoon Jeon, Haneol Kim, Hyeona Lee, Seonghoon Jo, Jaewon Kim

Break 30 min

BXDFs (10:30 am to noon)

A Microfacet-based Hair Scattering Model (Best paper award)
Weizhen Huang, Matthias Hullin, Johannes Hanika

A Position-Free Path Integral for Homogeneous Slabs and Multiple Scattering on Smith Microfacets
Benedikt Bitterli, Eugene d’Eon

Microsurface Transformations
Asen Atanasov, Vladimir Koylazov, Rossen Dimov, Alexander Wilkie

Neural BRDF Representation and Importance Sampling (CGF paper presentation)
Alejandro Sztrajman, Gilles Rainer, Tobias Ritschel, Tim Weyrich

Lunch 90 min

Material Modeling and Measurement (1:30pm to 3 pm)

Controlling Material Appearance by Examples
Yiwei Hu, Milos Hasan, Paul Guerrero, Holly Rushmeier, Valentin Deschaintre

Physics-Based Inverse Rendering using Combined Implicit and Explicit Geometries
Guangyan Cai, Kai Yan, Zhao Dong, Ioannis Gkioulekas, Shuang Zhao

Polarization-imaging Surface Reflectometry using Near-field Display
Emilie Nogue, Yiming Lin, Abhijeet Ghosh

SVBRDF Recovery From a Single Image With Highlights using a Pretrained Generative Adversarial Network (CGF paper presentation)
Tao Wen, Beibei Wang, Lei Zhang, Jie Guo, Nicolas Holzschuch

Break 30 min

Townhall (3:30 pm to 4:30 pm)

Break 30 min

Keynote by Jules Urbach (5 pm to 6 pm)

Historic Tram Ride (6:20 pm)

Meeting time 18:20, tram leaves 18:30 sharp! We cannot hold up the local traffic.

Please be on time at the meeting spot Náměstí Republiky tram station (see map)

Reception in Strahov Monastery Brewery (7:30 pm)

Wednesday (July 6th 2022)

High Performance Rendering (9 am to 10 am)

A Real-Time Adaptive Ray Marching Method for Particle-Based Fluid Surface Reconstruction
Tong Wu, ZhiQiang Zhou, Anlan Wang, Yuning Gong, Yanci Zhang

Precomputed Discrete Visibility Fields for Real-Time Ray-Traced Environmental Lighting
Yang Xu, Yuanfa Jiang, Chenhao Wang, Kang Li, Pengbo Zhou, Guohua GENG

Efficient Rendering of Ocular Wavefront Aberrations using Tiled Point-Spread Function Splatting (CGF paper presentation)
István Csoba, Roland Kunkli

Break 30 min

Neural Rendering (10:30 am to noon)

A Learned Radiance-Field Representation for Complex Luminaires
Jorge Condor, Adrián Jarabo

Deep Flow Rendering: View Synthesis via Layer-aware Reflection Flow
Pinxuan Dai, Xie Ning

NeuLF: Efficient Novel View Synthesis with Neural 4D Light Field
Zhong Li, Liangchen Song, Celong Liu, Junsong Yuan, Yi Xu

Lunch 90 min

Stylized Rendering (1:30 pm to 3 pm)

GPU-Driven Real-Time Mesh Contour Vectorization
Wangziwei Jiang, Guiqing Li, Yongwei Nie, Chuhua Xian

Recolorable Posterization of Volumetric Radiance Fields via Visibility-weighted Palette Extraction
Kenji Tojo, Nobuyuki Umetani

pOp: Parameter Optimization of Differentiable Vector Patterns
Marzia Riso, Davide Sforza, Fabio Pellacini

HedcutDrawings: Rendering hedcut style portraits
Karelia Pena-Pena, Gonzalo Arce

Break 30 min

Patterns and Noises (3:30 pm to 4:15 pm)

Point-Pattern Synthesis using Gabor and Random Filters
Xingchang Huang, Pooran Memari, Hans-Peter Seidel, Gurprit Singh

Spatiotemporal Blue Noise Masks
Alan Wolfe, Nathan Morrical, Tomas Akenine-Möller, Ravi Ramamoorthi

Break 15 min

Keynote by Gordon Wetzstein (4:30 pm to 5:30 pm)

Closing and Best Paper Award (5:30 pm to 5:45 pm)