These are some impressions of the conference. The full set of 439 images in high-resolution can be found in a document cloud that is password protected. The password is: The conference acronym in all caps followed by the full year.

Group picture
Group picture of (almost) all ~110 physical participants in the courtyard of the venue.

Academic Conference

Lecture hall
The Blue Lecture Hall that was well filled with interested listeners.
Hybrid conference
Being the first hybrid EGSR, we allowed speakers to present with a pre-recorded video and attend a live Q&A session after their talk.
Shoutout to our great technical team who made this work so smoothly!
Award ceremony
The Best Paper award ceremony on the last day.

Social Events

Ceremonial hall
The conference reception took place in the ceremonial hall of the computer science building.
Historical tram
We made our way to the conference dinner with a convoy of historical trams.
Brewery restaurant
The conference dinner at the Strahov Monastery Brewery.


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